The Targowa Cycle

The Targowa Cycle, takes the form of a triptych. The formal idea of a triptych seeks to represent a cycle. In this case the cycle of historical repetitions are made concrete in a geographic place, the EC1 power plant, Targowa Str, Lodz, Poland; but these kind of examples happen all the time in the rest of the world and can be related to other phenomena like the idea of modernity, the fall of the Soviet bloc or the abandonment of the motor industries in Detroit (USA). The triptych attempts in a formal way to go from the particular to the general and become a metaphor for a model.


These spaces offer Calderon a method of enquiry into ideas like utopia, modernity and the transformation process. Revealing the intervention of time and the various socio-economic effects that transform these spaces into empty spaces, the images allow us to try to understand the past through the traces of time.